General Dentistry


General and Deep Cleanings

Before we begin any type of cleaning, an examination is properly done to give you a thorough outlook on what to expect for the day’s visit.  It is recommended that patients receive a general cleaning every 6 months as maintenance for a healthier smile.  As a precaution/treatment against certain gum diseases, we also offer deep cleanings as a service for our patients. 


Dr. Bui’s philosophy on this subject is to give you the best composite fillings which are color blended to your existing teeth rather than the common silver/mercury counterpart.  Not only are these fillings esthetically pleasing, they also bind directly to the tooth and requires a more minimally abrasive procedure than that of amalgam fillings.  

Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes, a tooth(s) can be fractured or decayed a little more than what we hoped for.  Nonetheless, our General Dentistry utilizes state of the art technology to ensure our patients receive the best care possible for these situations.  We carefully select the best Dental Lab for each unique case instead of a “one-size-fits-all” approach for our crowns and bridges.  


Dentures are a conventional and immediate way for patients who are unable to keep their teeth to continue having a beautiful smile.  Two types of dentures we offer are complete dentures and partial dentures.  In some cases, dentures can be made to look as natural as possible with no metal wiring or clasps.  Functionally, either option would assist with chewing and are meant for daily wear. 

Root Canal Therapy

There are times when a patient might need some extra care with a nagging tooth ache.  Root Canal Therapy is not only a treatment method to help patients with pain, but a surgical method to save the tooth from being lost permanently.  Our philosophy is to give our patients the most conservative option first before going through extreme treatment plans.  Dr. Bui has fearlessly helped thousands of patients in these situations and will continue to do so. 


From baby teeth in children to infected ones in adults, extraction is one of the oldest techniques in Dental medicine.  We are capable of most of types of extractions ranging from pediatric extractions to complicated ones like wisdom teeth extractions.  To minimize pain, we utilize a couple modern techniques such as the Oraqix (non-invasive) and anesthetics to ensure the best results.