Cosmetic Dentistry



In the old days, braces consisted of wires, brackets, and metals that were not very comfortable or attractive.  Most people know in today’s time there are other options.  Invisalign has been our partner for over 15 years and will continue to help our patients achieve their “perfect” smile.  Technology has only helped create better custom-made trays/aligners for our patients while maintaining the same approach of gradual and gentle shifting of teeth into its proper place.  To learn more, please visit ( 

Zoom! Whitening

Philips Zoom is not only proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades, it’s also safe. While other whitening products can harm teeth and gums, using Philips Zoom with Relief ACP actually gives you greater luster and protects enamel. Philips Zoom is only available at a dentist’s office to ensure optimum safety, and comes in different treatment types and strengths to fit your lifestyle and sensitivity. (

Implant Restorations

Recently got an implant or have been curious on who to talk to about it?  Our Dental practice is well suited for patients who have recently gotten implants from our referred Doctors.  Although implant may be a complicated procedure, restoring it to its best functions while maintaining its esthetics is highly possible.  To learn more about this, ask any of our staff members 

Zirconia Crowns

In Dr. Bui’s 25+ years of Dental experience, Zirconia crowns have offered the best balance of durability and cosmetic.  Typically, crowns can have a metal base or be made with full porcelain.  Zirconia crown is an all-ceramic material that has proven to last a long time while providing minimal disadvantages when comparing treatment plans.  This technology can only get more popular as people learn more about its benefits. 

Laser Therapy

Choosing the best laser technology can be difficult, so we did the research for you.  Biolase Dental Lasers is the most popular, and growing, laser therapy at our practice.  With unique features and innovative improvements like fiber tips, our precision and effectiveness in providing “painless” treatment has vastly improved with the laser unit.  With so many upsides and so little down, it’s also nice to know that Laser is a very affordable treatment at our office.